fresh made oils with young living essential oils

Come with us in our journey with Young Living essential oils!  We're here to support YOU!



Essential oils are highly concentrated, aromatic essences of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, resins and flowers.  They are the plant's "immune system" protecting the plant from disease, providing nutrients and helping to repel insects.  Essential Oils are primarily extracted through careful steam distillation (also through cold pressing) so that the important constituents of the oils remain intact.  Even though essential oils seem to be a popular trend lately, they have been used to support health and wellness for thousands of years, with their use dating back to Bible times.  

On average, each essential oil contains over 100 medicinal components with more being discovered every day. These components also change even amongst the same species of plant. 1 drop contains 40 million trillion molecules that affect the body at the cellular level.

Did you know we use essential oils a lot in every day life? They are used to flavor foods and can be found in things like toothpaste, mouthwash, perfumes and skin care products. But not all oils are created equal. Oils found in food and cosmetics are typically something that is synthetic.  Because of this, your body processes these synthetic oils as toxins, making it hard to break down or it is stored in fat cells. These types of synthetic oils work against your body. 



We chose Young Living Essential Oils because of they are pure therapeutic grade oils which gives them the ability to support your body.  Within 20 minutes of applying, oils can be found in every cell! 

It is a highly temperamental process to distill oils from plants and it can not be rushed. Through the Seed to Seal Promise, Young Living is a part of the entire process.  By owning their own farms around the world, they make sure the soil that the seeds are planted in has never been touched with pesticides or herbicides.  The plants are cultivated at the correct time of the year to ensure the best constituent in the oils.  Young Living oversees distillation to ensure that the correct temperature is used for the correct amount of time so that every constituent is intact. They go above and beyond to guarantee that every drop of oil is what we call "beyond organic."

Young Living oils do not have any additives and we have an entire line that can be taken internally.   


"We believe that you and your family deserve products that are genuine, free of synthetic chemicals, and of unmatched purity. Seed to Seal® is both a promise to you and a reflection of our sense of global stewardship. Through each step of our production process on both our own and partner farms, we use the most exacting standards possible to make our products, your life, and the earth better. Only one company can make the Seed to Seal promise. Only Young Living."